Pain Management


Our experienced pain management specialists assist the courts in the biopsychosocial assessment of complex personal injury and clinical negligence claims where chronic pain, often associated with both physical and psychological disablement, is an important issue.

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Our experienced anaesthetists assist the courts in the assessment of clinical negligence claims through the provision of expert opinion on matters of breach of duty, liability and causation in clinical negligence claims relating to the provision of anaesthesia and associated procedures such as epidurals and nerve blocks.

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Plastic Surgery


Our experienced plastic surgery specialists assist the courts in the assessment of personal injury claims where complex soft tissue wounds, scars and peripheral nerve injuries are important issues. They also provide the courts with expert opinion in clinical negligence claims relating to plastic surgical procedures.

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What We Do

e are medical chambers out of which invited medical specialists who are committed to achieving standards of excellence run their medicolegal practices.

We deliver a comprehensive range of office facilities to our members including reliable transcription and proofreading services from suitably experienced professionals. Our experts provide courts in the UK and Republic of Ireland with well-structured medicolegal reports that meet the requirements set out in CPR35, PD35, and Guidance for the Instruction of Experts in Civil Claims 2014.

We facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and proficiency in medicolegal practice through the provision of services for our members ranging from on demand ad hoc advice from our most experienced experts to structured educational courses that provide a forum for information sharing and updates relevant to medicolegal practice.

To support the attainment and maintenance of high standards in medicolegal practice, we have established a system of peer review and personal development plans for our members and we actively seek structured feedback from the legal profession.

Overall, we provide our members with enhanced administrative and professional support, which for our legal clients means improved communication throughout the process from instruction through to court attendance, high quality opinion from well governed and dependable medical specialists, and ultimately, better expert evidence for the courts.

About Us

We are a private limited company based in rural Norfolk, with experts all over the UK. We were established by Dr Jon Valentine and his wife Jane in November 2012. The company grew out of Jon’s medicolegal practice, which he had developed over 14 years with Jane’s dependable support.
In 2017, having expanded our pain management membership, we have sought to extend our range of medical specialisms with the introduction of plastic surgery and anaesthesia expert witness services.

Our Services

  • Pre-instruction advice from our experts
  • Medical examinations at many venues
  • Provision of comprehensive medicolegal reports
  • Desktop and liability reports without examination
  • Teleconferences and case conferences at chambers
  • Court attendance
  • Expert witness training course for pain specialists

Our Team

Jon Valentine

Managing Director and Consultant

Jane Valentine

Director &
Business Manager

Julie Summers-Frost


Donna Burton

PA & Assistant
Office Manager