Specialist Pain Management Expert Witness & Medicolegal Services

Our Mission:

To provide reliable, high-quality medicolegal services to lawyers seeking the expertise of experienced pain management specialists to assist the courts in the assessment of personal injury and medical negligence claims.

What We Do:

Our experienced pain-management specialists help courts assess complex cases where chronic pain and associated disability are important factors.

We provide all our experts with administrative support and expert advice on presenting their evidence clearly and effectively, without compromising either their independence or their duty to the court. For our legal clients, that means improved communication throughout the process, clear and easy-to-read documents and, ultimately, better evidence.

Our responsive service links you with the right expert quickly and easily. If you have a consultant in mind, we’ll pass your brief to them and arrange an examination as soon as possible. If you’re not sure, or your first choice is unavailable, we’ll be happy to make a recommendation

Our experts have active clinical practices assessing and managing patients presenting with chronic pain and associated disability and a genuine interest in assisting the courts in the assessment of those (often complex) medicolegal cases in which chronic pain is reported to be an important consequence of the litigated event.

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