Dr Varma has been a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Management at Sunderland Royal Hospital since 2003. 

Dr Varma is now an established medical expert and has been providing medicolegal services since March 2016. He joined Pain Expert Limited in April 2022.

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne
Consults at Spire Washington Hospital
Specialisation(s) Chronic pain conditions including neuropathic pain, spinal pain, whiplash, shoulder pain, pelvic pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), pain after trauma & surgery and fibromyalgia.
Receives instructions for: Personal injury claims & Medical negligence claims
Claimant / Defendant ratio 85% claimant, 10% Defendant & 5% joint instruction

“Dr Varma provides detailed and considered medicolegal reports. Causation issues are addressed in a concise yet comprehensive manner. Where appropriate, treatment options are fully addressed with pros and cons clearly identified, together with timescales and likely costs. He is always happy to provide further clarification where necessary and is able to do so within a very reasonable period of time. Highly recommended”

“A superb report from Dr Varma in relation to my client.  I have to say it is a real pleasure to see such a comprehensive and thorough medicolegal report in this day and age”

“I just wanted to thank you again for the incredibly thorough report you prepared in this case. The detail you go into in respect of the exposure history, pre-incident state, post-incident state and medical history makes your findings incredibly easy to understand and digest. It means the report can be read in isolation of other documents which, for a complex case such as this, is invaluable. In addition, your report was set out in well thought out sections which made navigating all aspects of your discussion and opinion very easy.”

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About Dr Varma

ExperienceMedicolegal practice since 2016
Based inNewcastle upon Tyne