Our Office Team

The office team provides our clients with a primary point contact on matters relating to the instruction of our experts ranging from new enquiries, appointments for examination and further instructions in ongoing cases, to an expert’s attendance of case conferences with counsel and court hearings.

The team also provide our members with the administrative support required to attract new instructions from our clients.  They ensure appointments for examinations are promptly booked and they endeavour to safeguard our experts’ reports being dictated, transcribed, finalised and proofread within the agreed period of time available.


Our Accounts Team

Rebecca Heaser and Jane Valentine ensure the smooth running of our accounts department. Rebecca provides the primary contact for our members and our clients ensuring that any invoice issues arising are promptly addressed, efficiently investigated and resolved at the earliest opportunity.

Our Professional Standards and Events Team

Jon Valentine and Donna Burton organise and run our educational courses, such as the Annual Pain Expert conference for our members and the Essential Skills for Pain Management Experts course.  Upon request from our clients, Donna will arrange for one or more of our members to speak at your legal meetings and conferences.

Julie Summers-Frost supervises and develops the systems we are establishing to advance the attainment and maintenance of the highest standards in the medicolegal practices of our members.  Julie promotes the smooth running of our peer review systems, feedback processes and our experts’ professional development.